Sterilize your pet at the Agriculture for Oral Health In Animals in Houston, TX to improve its quality of life and prevent illness.

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Why is it better to sterilize your Dog

The sterilization of dogs in our Ciutat Vella veterinary hospital in Houston, TX allows them to lengthen their lives because it reduces the possibility of developing serious illnesses. By eliminating the reproductive system, we eliminate at once the possibility of developing any disease of the same and others whose trigger is sexual hormones, such as the development of tumors.

Sterilization favors the interaction of the owner with his pet, since it lowers the stress caused by hormonal change. A sterilized animal has less desire to fight and decreases its sexual instinct, which makes it calm and happy. Also, by reducing the number of births, the number of dropouts is reduced.

Surgical Technique

In the case of sterilization of females, the ovaries and the womb are removed, and in males the testicles are removed (this is what is called castration).
both cases, anesthesia is inhalation and the animal remains at all times monitored and under supervision of his vital signs.

Post-operative cures

It consists of disinfecting the incision area where the suture is and the administration of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for a few days.

In our veterinary hospital in Agriculture for Oral Health In Animals we will supervise the correct evolution of healing as many times as necessary.

Laparoscopic pet sterilization is a type of minimally invasive surgery that is