Internal Medicine prevents and treats possible conditions related to the internal organs and systems of pets that, initially, do not require surgical intervention. In internal medicine consultations we diagnose and apply treatments for infectious, dermatological, renal, endocrine, liver, blood, cardiac, respiratory or gastrointestinal diseases. We use the most advanced veterinary protocols to obtain quick and accurate diagnoses.

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Better a hundred “just in case” than a “I think.”

It is important that your pet follows our recommended vaccination schedule and internal and external deworming. For this we have a reminder service by e-mail and SMS, which will help you to comply.

We pay special attention to certain problems that are often recurrent in our animals and that can be avoided through prevention, for example: infectious diseases such as rabies or canine leishmaniasis, feline leukemia, sterilizations to prevent various pathologies, or oral hygiene to guarantee a healthy mouth, so important for the health of pets.