Take advantage of our oral cleaning campaign for dogs and cats. Your health will thank you!

Dentist fixing horse teeth. Free public domain CC0 photo.

Does your pet start to have bad breath? Does it show dirt between the teeth? Have you detected tartar on your teeth?

The time has come to perform oral hygiene treatment on your pet to ensure a clean and healthy mouth. If you don’t do it, not only will the strength of their teeth be impaired, but also the health of the rest of the body. At
Agriculture for Oral Health In Animals in Houston, we offer oral hygiene treatment for dogs and cats that will relieve them of dental discomfort and it will help prevent periodontal diseases.

What does our oral treatment consist of?

Oral cleaning for cats and dogs consists of removing tartar from all teeth. The technique is simple and is performed by the veterinarians at our veterinary hospital in Houston, ​​but it requires an anesthetic process and controlled monitoring by an anesthesiologist, who will be present throughout the intervention.

Why is oral hygiene important in dogs and cats?

Maintaining a healthy mouth in your pet is essential to ensure a quality of life and prevent future pathologies, some of them serious. Periodontal disease causes an accumulation of tartar on the teeth that can trigger different infections in the mouth. For this reason it is crucial to clean our pet’s teeth on a regular basis.