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The Agriculture for Oral Health In Animals began its journey in April 2013 as a project conceived with great enthusiasm and a great desire to work to provide a comprehensive, comprehensive veterinary service adapted to the needs of families and their pets. The fundamental and main objective since our center opened its doors is to attend to all the needs that pets and their owners may have. At the Veterinary Clinic, we offer specialized and personalized consultations, trying first of all to make the animals feel comfortable and calm with us, as well as to carry out early diagnoses, treatments, and surgeries if necessary.

We have a store specialized in which you can find high-end foods for specific diets, as well as accessories for pets and products for their hygiene and daily care. We also have an extensive grooming service for pets, in which we can choose from a bath to a specific treatment for the skin, including a breed cut for exhibition. We have highly qualified staff that help us offer the best services.

At Agriculture for Oral Health In Animals, we have extensive consultations, each of them designed to meet the needs of our pets. At Agriculture for Oral Health In Animals, you will have your pet in good hands, since our philosophy is to prevent and take care of it before diseases can develop. We advise and guide you so that you learn how to take optimal care of your pet. We carry out exhaustive monitoring to fully control your pet’s health.