Does Rain Affect The Elimination Of Termites?

With the arrival of autumn, the first drops in temperatures and the first heavy rains occur. This results in many places suffering from floods caused by the accumulation of water after a period in which blue skies were the main protagonists. Can these phenomena affect termite elimination processes? Let’s find that out.

Rains and Pesticides

Most pesticide products used to eliminate termites are stable when applied to dry soil, but when the soil is very wet as a result of rain, the big problem these products have to deal with is not water, but the movements of the earth that the ground experiences due to its presence.

Soil erosion when it rains a lot causes movements to occur in the layers that form it, affecting both the floors and the walls of the houses and hindering the action of anti- termite treatments that may have been applied to them. In addition, as stagnant water after heavy rains can create problems such as putrefaction, decomposition, fungus, mold… as well as the arrival of sand, dust, sediment, and other substances, the result of all this is a loss of the effectiveness of the treatments used to eliminate these annoying insects that eat the wood.

What to Do in the Event of Excessive RainWater

For this reason, in humid geographical areas where it rains frequently, it is best to resort to the use of bait treatments. This technique of eliminating termites with bait eliminates the barriers that can cause the movements that the soil experiences by resorting to non-repellent liquid substances.

In any case, there is no single answer that is most effective in eliminating termites after a flood or the presence of torrential rains. Each situation requires an adapted solution to program those treatments that are most appropriate. What we do have to keep in mind is that in these situations and although it may seem like it, the termites do not die or disappear, they are only slowed down for a while and then return with more force to “recompose” their colonies. If before the fall of the rains, a treatment against them was already being carried out, it may lose effectiveness due to the arrival of those rains and if it was not being applied, it is best to wait until the soil is completely dry to start one.

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