How To Choose Your Pet Boarding House?

The key to doing this is a good choice and anticipating demand. Avoid doing it at the last moment and book a place at the same time as you book your holiday, i.e. several months in advance, especially during periods of large departures such as school holidays and bridges.

Do not settle on the first pet hotel you will find, nor necessarily on the one that is located closest to you or that turns out to be the cheapest. Take the time to learn about several structures and visit them upstream, why not with your pet to make him discover the places and see his feelings? He will thus be less disoriented during his guard.

Here are the points to check to make the right choice:

  • Cleanliness: check that the premises are clean and that individual and collective spaces are cleaned daily.
  • The mode of care: if your pet is fearful, or used to living alone or alone, prefer a pet hotel that offers individual boxes. Ditto if your pet is sick or has fragile health, this will limit the risk of disease transmission. If, on the other hand, he is sociable and if he appreciates community life, opt for a pet hotel at the group boxes.
  • Food: discuss food with the staff of the boarding house. Many provide kibble, but you are allowed to bring your own food if you wish (without getting a price reduction). If your pet follows a specific diet, report it or provide its food for the duration of its stay.
  • Your pet’s belongings: Most boarding houses allow you to bring toys, clothing, or a blanket that belongs to your pet so that he does not lose his bearings and can have fun and relax. However, this is not always allowed, especially in pet hotels with a collective childcare system.
  • The staff: talk to the staff to make sure your pet will be well taken care of. Trust is essential! Also, give him as much information as possible about your little companion to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Health requirements: Make sure the boarding house requires that the animals kept up to date with vaccination, pest control, and deworming.
  • The services offered: choose a boarding house that offers the services that interest you for the well-being of your pet. No need to pay a very high price for a pet hotel that provides quality services for dogs if you place your cat there for example. Your pet must have comfort and an answer to his own needs.
  • Safety: check that the boxes are secure and that your pet is not at risk of running away. Ask professionals about security within their institution to make the right choice.
  • The price: prices vary greatly from one structure to another, but we advise you to avoid the lowest rates and ask yourself about the offers contained in the highest prices. Is it useful to pay for minimum service or for activities that your pet does not need depending on its species? Your choice must be that of quality above all!
  • Reviews: Find out on the internet and read the opinions of previous users of this structure. Yelp is always a proven choice for honest reviews. Also, ask your veterinarian for advice.
  • Accredited: Always choose a dog facility that has credentials. One place to check would be the Association for Pet Dog Trainers, (APDT)

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