How to Care for a Vizsla Dog

For short-haired varieties, the coat should be brushed more often during molting with a rubber brush to remove dead hairs. The variety with furry hair requires occasional manual trimming when necessary. Excess hair should be removed from the foot pads.

The care required by the Hungarian Pointer or Vizsla is basic. However, just like in any other pet, their well-being will absolutely depend on them. For this reason, the owner of this breed must know it perfectly, only then will he ensure that he remains properly cared for.

First of all, it is important to highlight that the practice of exercises, sports, and walks in open spaces, are essential to ensure the good health of this breed. This dog demands considerable attention in this aspect, because, otherwise, it can be depressive or aggressive, due to confinement.

Intelligence games combined with sports such as dog swimming or long walks, at least three times a day, will be the most advisable for this breed to stay in good physical and mental condition.

Living conditions

It is a dog with a high level of activity that likes to move a lot and has an occupation. It is recommended for active people who can make time for their dog, take him for long walks, let him run, make a contribution, and swim. It can also be kept in an apartment if you perform the daily movement you need physically and mentally, and then calm down. But it feels best in a fenced yard where you can move freely. It needs training and socialization.

Remember This:

It is also important to consider that Vizsla dogs do not adapt easily to life in small spaces, such as an apartment, because they prefer to stay outdoors. So it is good to consider this issue before adoption.

As for the bathroom, these dogs do not require more attention in the care of their hair. Mainly because they have a short and thick coat that can be cleaned at least every month or when it is really dirty.

Another necessary care in the breed is deworming and vaccination when appropriate. This, in addition to reinforcing their health, will help the veterinarian to detect if there is any irregularity in the welfare of the canine.

You must go to the veterinarian at least every 6 months.

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